Olnes West Subdivision - ASLS 81-38

Olnes West Subdivision - ASLS 81-38

The State of Alaska created the subdivision and performed a survey in 1981. Original survey page 1 and page 2

Lots of Olnes West Subdivision were sold during a state subdivision lottery in 1982.

The platted road and lot boundaries of Olnes West Subdivision are depicted on Google Maps including Lot 5, Block 2, of Olnes West Subdivision which I own.

Twenty lots were offered. Of those original 20 lots, only 7 are currently owned by private individuals. The Alaska Mental health Trust Land Office (MHTLO) now owns all other lotes except one lot, which went back to the State and is a potential reoffer (lot 2, block 2). In 1996 almost two-thirds of the subdivision was transferred to the MHTLO.

Monday, March 24
Regional Manager's Decision
ADL 416407 - Mark A. Ames Easement Application

While all comments are taken into consideration, comments received from agencies which are directly impacted by the proposed project are most relevant to this decision. The MHTLO has a vested interest in any decision made regarding Olnes West Subdivision in that they own a majority of the lots within the subdivision and are required to manage their lands to generate income, which is used by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority for the benefit of Trust beneficiaries.

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